What Our Agents Are Saying

"While everyone works as an individual contractor,  the agents and staff in the office are wonderful in sharing there knowledge and experiences with everyone.  As a new agent coming from 36 years working in the federal government, the team spirit which was constantly  taught in my previous employment is unprecedented in the outstanding way this office practices "team"."

Robert Anderson

"Here is something you should know.  I have spent the last 20 years of my second career with this Long Family and in my younger years I could not have imagined the opportunity to serve clients so easily.  With the support from other Long Agents as well as the kind support of Long Realty I have been able have fun and to build exactly the kind of service business I enjoy.  I have also been lucky to have great clients and a nice stream of referrals.  Life is good!!!"

Gary LaPrise

Welcome and Thank You!

So happy you took a minute to visit our website.  Buying a home, selling a home or maybe looking to make a change in your career you have come to the right place!  While there is a great deal information on my site, if you dont find what you are looking for, please contract me directly.